Interregional Med-Exec Group, Inc.

Greg Potenza, Executive Director

Attracting Excellence Since 1995


Greg Potenza

Kathy Potenza


Our focus has been on following careers long term for placements with quality oriented hospitals.

  Quality Services (Quality Management & Medical
    Staff Services Directors)

  Health Information Management (Medical Records/Coding)

  Finance & Revenue Cycle Management

  Nurse Management


Screening for experience and technical ability, important that it is, just isn't enough these days.

IMG creates the solution - keeping in mind the resume and technical requirements while delving beyond to deliver the personal dimension that is necessary to generate a hiring opportunity just right for your setting!

Work ethic, accountability, integrity, chemistry, presentation and interpersonal skills, though not found on any resume, probably make the biggest difference in creating a valuable long term situation.


We think you want results. Rolling up our sleeves with fifteen years of data definitely puts the percentages in favor of you receiving a selection of candidates who will meet your requirements in a timely manner. You want action, so call us!  We're ready to work for you now!

Attracting Excellence
Since 1995

Interregional Med-Exec Group, Inc.
Greg Potenza, Executive Director
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